Exit and Build NFT

Exit & Build has collaborated with artist Ulysses XYZ to create a limited-edition NFT in celebration of the 2022 conference.

It will be gifted to all 2022 attendees, so sign up below before July 1st 2022 to receive it as your digital souvenir of attendance.


An NFT is a blockchain-registered artwork that has value as a digital asset – like a crypto currency.

NFTs also represent the ability for us to democratize the internet by owning our own data on the blockchain.

To find out why the NFT could have value in the future, watch this video.

Once you receive your digital art asset (NFT) you can choose to keep, transfer or sell it, just like a cryptocurrency.



Ulysses NFT

Ulysses XYZ‘s bold, animated design for Exit & Build 2022 depicts the sun rising on a new reality of sovereign, free living and invites people to ask themselves the question of how they can participate in building out this paradigm.

Artist Ulysses XYZ is a strong proponent of parallel societies and believes that joining the movement to live as self-sustaining, sovereign beings on the land is one of the most expedient and impactful ways that we as individuals can positively inspire a shift in the current paradigm.

The digital artwork is being turned into a limited-edition NFT and made available exclusively to attendees of Exit & Build 2022 who sign up before July 4th 2022.

Find out how below.

Exit & Build NFT


To receive your free NFT simply follow these 2 easy steps.

(takes 10 minutes)

Once set up you will be able to receive, view and send NFTs with ease.

1. Download your free NFT wallet

To receive your free E&B NFT you will need a Metamask wallet which allows you to store Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

It works as an extension in your existing web browser.

Once downloaded, return to this page to complete step 2.

TAKE NOTE: be sure to keep a safe copy of your seed phrase. If you ever loose your computer or phone or forget your password you can always restore your wallet and obtain your NFT with your seedphrase.

How to download and install Metamask wallet (5 min video).

2. Send us your Metamask address

Now that your have downloaded Metamask you can send us your wallet address so that we can send you your NFT.

Your address is like your account number on the blockchain.

You can access your wallet by clicking on the Fox icon to the right of your browser search bar. It will open as a pop-up window.

If the Metamsk Fox icon does not immediately appear next to your browser search bar, go to the EXTENSIONS icon (puzzle piece), click on Metamask and pin it to your task bar. (See 1 minute video)

Once inside your Metamask wallet, click on the wallet address to copy, then send to us below.

(See 1 minute video for full instructions)

How to pin the Metamask wallet to your browser search bar (1 min video).

How to locate your wallet address in Metamask. (1 min video).



We will now send you your Exit & Build NFT to your Metamask wallet address.

Look out for the confirmation email which will include instructions on how to view your NFT on the Rarible.com NFT platform.


Email us at abc@uly.xyz and we will get right back to you.


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