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Ulysses XYZ creates visual wonder through a wide range of unique styles



Ulysses XYZ honors his life-long passion for graphic novels with his series of eerie, futurist landscapes and otherworldly creatures.

Expert handling of color, light and shade reveal an advanced illustrative skill and confidence within this illusive genre.

From within this style Ulysses XYZ has developed his current 2D platform game PRAXIS.


Ulysses XYZ employs a digital twist on traditional charcoal wash in order to explore dark fantasy worlds inspired by Cimmerian lore.

Characters appear steeped in profound narrative contexts, immersed in magic, alchemy and inter-dimensional travel.

From this unique style has emerged his CIMMERIAN TAROT, his magnum opus of spellbinding wonder.



Ulysses XYZ promotes subjects close to his activist heart, working with organizations and projects that share his views on the importance of decentralization, privacy and liberty in society.

His designs have assisted numerous campaigns reach audiences by creating powerful and engaging visual messages.

Ulysses XYZ




Influenced by his nights as a street artist, Ulysses XYZ produces digital works with a graf edge and graphic novel attitude.

His doodles embody his love for rapid-fire, improvisational sketches that capture spontaneous insights and momentary moods.


Ulysses XYZ has worked with a wide range of liberty and privacy-focused clients most recently including Anarchapulco, Pirate Chain, Above Agency, The Dollar Vigilante, Volition Labs, Japananon, 10Friends.info and Agorapulco.

Ulysses XYZ delivers powerful campaign concepts and captivating marketing materials to enable organizations to reach and inspire large audiences.

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