Ulysses XYZ Visual Campaigns

Ulysses XYZ uses his visual skills to support campaigns that promote issues connected to decentralization, privacy and liberty

Liberty Campaigns

Ulysses XYZ supports the activities of the international pro-liberty and voluntaryist communities who promote a society governed by voluntary relationships and free trade. Recently he has created campaign materials for conferences including Anarchapulco, Red Pill Expo and Market Disruptors, all attracting large pro-liberty audiences.

Thought Crimes

The campaigns to release liberty ambassadors imprisoned for victimless crimes

Ulysses XYZ supports the campaigns of members of the freedom community whose views and actions have cost them their liberty. In each case there were no victims, evidence was manipulated and the true victims – the prosecuted parties – became the victims of corrupt and unjust political will. In a world where our civil liberties are being eroded by the day, Ulysses XYZ remembers and honors those who fight for our inalienable right to live in a free society.

Sentenced to double life imprisonment for the victimless crime of organizing an on-line free marketplace.

Sentenced to prison for the crime of journalism and exposing illegal US military invasion plans.

Sentenced to 45 months in prison for disclosing documents about the US military´s assassination program.

Privacy Campaigns

For Ulysses XYZ, the revolutionary benefits of democratized data-sharing brought to us by the advent of the World Wide Web have been increasingly deposed by big tech colonization, resulting in unprecedented levels of both governmental and commercial surveillance, personal data mining and manipulation of public perception.

However, by virtue of the invention of blockchain distributed networks, consensus algorithms and public-private key encryption, as well as the rise of the open source development environments, we now have an array of privacy-focussed, decentralized, free alternatives to all our software and hardware needs.

Recently Ulysses XYZ has collaborated with the following organizations to create powerful educative campaigns.

Take Back Our Tech

Promoting open-source software and hardware alternatives

Ulysses XYZ worked with Above Agency to develop an educational campaign around the perils of personal data harvesting by big tech corporations and how to easily switching to free, open-source alternatives to software and hardware.


Decentralized fintech solutions

Ulysses XYZ collaborated with encrypted and decentralized tech evangelist Japananon to promote a range of federated technologies that puts privacy as a default including atomic swap software that enables direct trading without the need for centralized exchanges.

10 Friends

Promoting decentralized, open-source, censorship-resistant alternatives to centralized social media platforms.

Ulysses XYZ collaborated with 10 Friends on a project to empower groups of friends to create their own ´Fediverses´ – decentralized alternatives to centralized social media platforms. These spaces can be managed by the users´ own rules with the aim of defending against arbitrary censorship of speech and expression online. For instance, Instagram and Youtube can be now replaced by the decentralized alternatives Pixelfed and Peertube.

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