About Ulysses XYZ

Imagine a world where you could create fearless street art that no government could whitewash….


Hailed internationally for his uniquely divergent artistic style and complex worldview, Ulysses XYZ brings pressing issues around technology, sovereignty and liberty to light through his astute cartoons, otherworldly illustrations & dystopian animations.  As a result Ulysses XYZs creative force has been making waves within libertarian circles and beyond, gathering a following amongst a rapidly growing international movement of social disrupters and innovators.


As a young artist, Ulysses XYZ cut his teeth submersed in the visual worlds of graphic Illustrators Sergio Toppi and Moebius, the dark, the haunting futurism of painters Zdzislaw Beksinski and John Harris, the fantastical science fiction of novelists HP Lovecraft and Thomas Ligotti and the psychoanalysis of Carl Jung, leading to the development of ULYSSES XYZ´s Cimmerian Works.

The influence of the great futurists on Ulysses XYZs creative development provoked deep consideration on the current trajectory of humanity, which Ulysses laments as in servitude to the totalitarian behemoth of government, mainstream old guard media and big tech monopolies that has been steadily eroding our civil liberties and, as Ulysses XYZ terms it, our ´sovereignty of perception´.

According to Ulysses XYZ, social media is the ´free cheese in the mousetrap´ for which we have paid a hidden price, our autonomy, our very perception, as our views, are moulded; our sensibilities sculpted and ultimately our very thoughts and belief systems co-opted by a technocratic elite.


Ulysses XYZ takes no prisoners in the way that he addresses this conundrum, his brave, breviloquent graphic art style takes no prisoners, packing a political punch at the viewer with unapologetic fearlessness. It is this libertarian impetus that has fueled Ulysses XYZ to engage with voluntarist and agorist movements from around the world, supporting social liberty campaigns with his powerful artwork and winning him residencies with international festivals such Agorapulco, Mexico for which he has produced iconic print and fashion designs, murals, pamphlets, political cartoons and animations. 

Throughout his work, Ulysses XYZs acerbic wit pierces deep into humanitys crisis. In a world where even the most anti-systemic street artists are falling foul of mass producing reductionist cliché, Ulysses XYZ radically shifts gears and approaches both a new aesthetic and a new truth of social and political perception that few artists of the modern times have the bravery to address. 

You will not find Ulysses XYZ on social media monopolies as he remains relentlessly true to his convictions. You can however, find his work on an array of decentralized, open source platforms that are leading the way for humanity to move away from the stranglehold of big technology

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