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2021 Dec
NFT collab with Pirate Chain

ULYSSES XYZ teams up with blockchain´s most private cryptocurrency PIRATE CHAIN to create a series of pirate-themed NFTs depicting the 14 tenets of freedom narrated by G Ed Griffin…

2022 Feb
Solo NFT show at Anarchapulco 2022

ULYSSES XYZ first digital NFT art show ADVENTURES IN CLOWN WORLD launches in Acapulco, featured as part of ANARCHAPULCO 2022. For an invitation to the private view party or discount tickets to the conference, click below.

2022 June 21
Cimmerian Tarot launch

After a year in development, ULYSSES XYZ launches his much awaited CIMMERIAN TAROT deck in both high-quality,hand-printed and NFT form. Dropping summer solstice 2022, this unique tarot has …..


Returning to his deep gamer roots, ULYSSES XYZ will be launching PRAXIS, a 2D platformer game set within dark off-planet dystopian worlds. Currently in development, this project is set ……


True to his desire to create a collective reality free of censorship and government control, Ulysses XYZ navigates the sea of data noise to produce bold artworks that bring clarity to the subject of autonomy and freedom of expression, promoting liberty as an ultimate quest for humanity.

One of the few artists in the crypto-sphere refusing to conform to censorship-friendly big-tech social media platforms, the creative work of Ulysses XYZ embody deep contemplation and offer guidance through the political maelstrom towards the utopian dream of a free, empowered and autonomous world.


ULYSSES XYZ harnesses the power of his digital art to bring awareness to issues & causes within the theme of liberty, sovereignty & decentralization.


Ulysses XYZ´s devotion to decentralized tech has led to a number of recent campaign collaborations promoting privacy-focused alternatives to big-tech spyware.


Join Ulysses XYZ in bringing awareness to the campaigns of the most influential defenders of liberty who have been imprisoned for championing our inalienable rights and freedoms.


Ulysses XYZ promotes the virtues of Voluntaryism since it extolls voluntary relationships between all people whilst providing a working antithesis to a society based on coercion and force.

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