NFT art show by Ulysses XYZ

February 19-23, Anarchapulco 2022

Volition Labs
Volition Labs

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.”

– George Orwell

Clownworld by Ulysses XYZ

In the Clownworld of today we are surrounded by lies. We are so lost in this jungle of falsehoods that we need to take stock.”

– Vince McCleod, The Clownworld Chronicles

Welcome to Clownworld is an NFT art show by Ulysses XYZ exclusive to Anarchapulco 2022 the world’s leading freedom conference.

The digital artworks are minted onto the Ethereum blockchain and available to view and purchase from Monday 14 February on the Rarible NFT platform.

The digital art show is an acerbic take on the unfolding political charade that has twisted our collective post-covid reality.

Politicians are handled with the same biting satire as the self-proclaimed ‘experts’ the rely on to retrofit their agendas. Doctors who peddle big pharma without critique are exposed as no more than sales agents. Corporate journalism that spreads fear without care for the consequence is treated with merciless disdain.

As ever, Ulysses XYZ wields his artistic powers without fear of creating controversy, boldly shining a light on the present dystopia, and calling on integrity, liberty and above all, truth to come and take the place of mass insanity

Ulysses XYZ NFT

Few artists capture the mood of the international freedom movement more acutely than Ulysses XYZ. His art pulls the rug from under the globalists and leaves them disrobed like the emperor with no clothes. To own a Ulysses NFT is to own a unique piece of freedom history.”

– Jeff Berwick, The Dollar Vigilante

Purchase NFTs from the Clownworld collection on Rarible.com

Press enquiries: punks@volitionlabs.io


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